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Q.    Can we meet with your company?

A.    Yes, we encourage face to face consultations!  We offer a free consultation with both the DJ/Emcee and our Event Coordinator.  This also gives you an opportunity to review our music library and discuss all of your entertainment requirements.

Q.    Will you listen to my music suggestions?

A.    Definitely!  It is your event!  We want to find out what you want to hear, we can play music for ourselves anytime!  When you receive your information package, we have included a section for you to tell us what you want and what you do not want to hear.

Q.    We've never planned a wedding before, can you help?

A.    Absolutely!  This is all part of our personal service.  In addition to our wedding planner/songbook, we also have a brief outline of the "general" format that is followed at most weddings, and if you are not happy with that format, we will work with you and start from scratch.

Q.    Do you accept debit & credit cards?

A.    Yes, we accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.

Q.    What if we need a sound system for our wedding ceremony also, can you help?

A.    Yes, we have a package for your wedding ceremony as well.

Q.    Do you have a wireless microphone for announcements?

A.    Yes, a wireless microphone is available as an optional item to any package for $65.00.  We do, of course, have a wired microphone available at all times for your use included in all of our packages.

Q.    What light effects do you have?

A.    We have a few different options for you to choose from...check out our optional items page for more information. 

Q.    What about inclement weather?

A.    If the weather is extremely bad, chances are that you may have already chosen to cancel your event, but...if the show goes on, SO DO WE!  Snow, sleet, hail - we always allow extra time to arrive safely so you won't have to worry about not having music at your event.

Q.    Is there an additional charge for mileage, travel time, setup or break down time?

A.    Most likely there will not be an additional charge for mileage, however if your event is over 50 miles round-trip from our office, we do charge $.45 cents per mile for the excess.  Other than mileage, we do not charge for any other travel time, setup or break down.

Q.    When do you set up your equipment?

A.    We prefer to have the equipment complete setup at least 60 minutes prior to your first guests arriving, which means we will generally arrive at least 1 hour before.  As long as we are informed of the correct arrival time, no member of our team will be setting up equipment while your guests are walking in.

Q.    What format is your music collection?

A.    We use the Virtual DJ operating system and a digital music selection of over 700,000 songs.  We also bring back up equipment along with us to every event.

Q.    What kind of music do you play?

A.    You tell us...not only do you have the questionnaire to list your likes and dislikes, we also provide you with a songbook that lists the most popular songs in various categories.  Using our songbook as a guideline, along with requests from your guests (if you choose) and our knowledge of what will motivate the crowd...your event will be a success.  We do have request sheets that we ask to put on each table, that way your guests can write down requests and dedications throughout the event.

Q.    What if you don't have some of the songs we'd like played?

A.    Although our music library is very extensive and we most likely have what you need, if we don't, we will obtain music...within limits, that you do not see in our library.  Also, as another option to more personalize your event, you may bring music from your collection and we will borrow it and mix it in throughout the event.

Q.    Is it your goal to get everyone to dance?

A.    Although getting people to dance is important, the goal of Billy C. Productions is to have everyone enjoying themselves.  Playing something for everyone is what most clients want at their event, which means not everyone will dance.

Q.    What about the volume...what if it is too loud or too quiet?

A.    The crowd level versus the music level is always taken into consideration.  In addition to evaluating the levels personally, the reactions of the crowd help us to determine if the music is too loud or too quiet.  If you feel you ant the music turned down or up, just let the disc jockey know, you always have control of the volume.

Q.    What do you wear?

A.    You tell us!  Generally for formal events, a standard tuxedo.  Otherwise, slacks and dress shirt/tie.  For more casual events, such as an outdoor picnic, dress pants and a polo shirt.  If you event has a theme, we will do our best to dress the part too!


If there is a question that you have that we have not addressed here,

please give us a call at (412) 596-9294 or

send us an email at:  mail@billycproductions.com.